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We Have the Power

295847_275904639097444_275683962452845_888162_128040056_nOur institutions ceased a very long ago to represent the interests of the people. Our media, government bureaucracies, schools and academic institutions have become corrupt enemies of the people’s interest. There is a much better way to organize government in order to ensure justice, prosperity and social sanity. The Dharma Manifesto explains how. Read it today!

Prabhupada on True Civilization

“People do not know what real progress is. The Vedic civilization is not interested in the false progress of economic development. For instance, sometimes people boast, ‘We have gone from the hut to the skyscraper.’ They think this is progress. But in the Vedic system of civilization, one thinks about how much he is advanced in self-realization. He may live in a hut and become very advanced in self-realization. But if he wastes his time turning his hut into a skyscraper, then his whole life is wasted. Modern so-called civilization is simply a dog’s race. The dog is running on four legs, and modern people are running on four wheels. The learned, astute person will use this life to gain what he has missed in countless prior lives – namely, realization of self and realization of God.”


From the book Civilization and Transcendence, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Natural Law Supports an Ownership Society

Ownership Society


The best way to ensure a) more equity in property and wealth ownership, b) an increased sense of pride and responsibility in people, c) the avoidance of the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few, d) the proper maintenance of land and properties, and e) the broadening of the population across a wider expanse of the geographic terrain is to foster an ownership society. This means encouraging as many people as possible to actually own their own land, their own homes, and their own farms and businesses. The Dharma Nation Movement will create an ownership society – a society in which our people will all own their personal land, homes and property.


Truth Based Foreign Policy

The Dharma Nationalist foreign policy will be primarily centered around a strategy of non-intervention in the affairs of other nations. The only possible exceptions to this general principle will be the potential extending of aid to newly formed Dharmic governments in foreign lands. Our general policy of non-intervention includes a) the cessation of all military, economic and aid assistance to the governments of foreign nations; b) avoiding all wars and military actions in foreign nations in which the express aim is not to save American lives that are directly placed in harm’s way; c) the closing of all military bases currently on foreign soil, with all troops brought back to America to defend the actual Homeland.

From Each According to His Ability / To Each According to His Merit

Redistribution of WealthThere is no economic system more irrational, unjust, unworkable and inherently failure-ridden than Marxist Socialism. Under any Marxist Socialist regime, the people suffer. Dharma Nationalism calls for the complete reversal of all socialist policies in our economy and culture, and replacing these failed policies with a culture in which all people keep what they have earned with their own labor. We support a meritocratic system in which all individuals are honored for their specific contributions to society in accordance with their own personal talents, psycho-physical characteristics, accomplishments and goals. Support the Dharma Nation Movement today if you want to restore sanity and reason to the economy and culture.

The Vedic Art of Leadership


Whether we refer to the unprecedented problems we are experiencing in the economy, on the political scene, or in the rapid degeneration of cultural, social and spiritual standards, we know that we are living in an era of tremendous global crisis. As Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya explains in this timely and important video, the root cause of all these peripheral crises can be directly attributed to a deep crisis in leadership. We are lacking able leaders. We are, today, lacking credible political, spiritual and cultural leaders who are equipped to lead us out of the darkness and into the light. In this bold presentation, Sri Acharyaji explains to us the current crisis that we are facing, how our leadership has fallen far short in their sacred duty toward their people, and what must be done to create a future leadership that will ensure the rebirth of spiritual civilization and a more just world. If you are currently occupying a leadership position, if you aspire to someday become a leader, or if you understand the importance of leadership during this time of global crisis, you must see this greatly enlightening video today.

For much more information about the spiritual tradition of Sanatana Dharma, visit: www.dharmacentral.com

We the People

The People are Coming A movement has now been born the sole purpose of which is to reclaim the promise our nation once held. We will restore a government that truly reflects the will of the people, and not the malevolent will of the hopelessly corrupt class of career politicians who have held our nation hostage for generations. This new reason for hope is called the Dharma Nation Movement. Without violence, without drama, without fanfare, without delay, we will transform our nation and our world for the better. Be a part of this coming transformation. Be a part of history in the making. Help us. Join the Dharma Nation Movement today. Use the “Contact Us” feature on the menu to learn how.

If you are Dharma Nation activist, you can know that you are a member of a movement that is destined to transform the world in such a manner that no malevolent force or person can ever hope to block. We will awaken our people. We will restore the nation. We the people are coming. And we are unstoppable!!