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Free the Dharma Nation of Tibet!

The Dharma Nation Movement is dedicated to the systematic restoration of Dharmic principles of government throughout the globe. We support the freedom and independence of the Dharma Nation of Tibet from the totalitarian tyranny of Communist China.

Free Tibet!

Victory to the Dharma Nation!

Natural Law Supports an Ownership Society

Ownership Society


The best way to ensure a) more equity in property and wealth ownership, b) an increased sense of pride and responsibility in people, c) the avoidance of the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few, d) the proper maintenance of land and properties, and e) the broadening of the population across a wider expanse of the geographic terrain is to foster an ownership society. This means encouraging as many people as possible to actually own their own land, their own homes, and their own farms and businesses. The Dharma Nation Movement will create an ownership society – a society in which our people will all own their personal land, homes and property.


Are You Free?


The media, academia, government, bureaucracy and corporate domain have been thoroughly infiltrated and compromised by the enemies of our people and of freedom. The push-back against this tyranny has begun. It is called the Dharma Nation Movement. Join us today!


From Each According to His Ability / To Each According to His Merit

Redistribution of WealthThere is no economic system more irrational, unjust, unworkable and inherently failure-ridden than Marxist Socialism. Under any Marxist Socialist regime, the people suffer. Dharma Nationalism calls for the complete reversal of all socialist policies in our economy and culture, and replacing these failed policies with a culture in which all people keep what they have earned with their own labor. We support a meritocratic system in which all individuals are honored for their specific contributions to society in accordance with their own personal talents, psycho-physical characteristics, accomplishments and goals. Support the Dharma Nation Movement today if you want to restore sanity and reason to the economy and culture.

No Left or Right

Tyranny and FreedomBoth modern progressive liberalism, and the reactionary response to liberalism in the form of conservatism, are highly flawed manifestations of conflict-oriented, controlled politics. We thus reject them both. Dharma Nationalism is neither liberal nor conservative in the normative sense of these terms.  Some of our positions will seem conservative to some people, while other positions will seem liberal.  Rather, the Dharma Nation Concept transcends such terms by integrating and surpassing the best of both.  Dharma Nationalism is a radically new way of understanding politics that is based upon eternal principles and a common sense approach.

Nature Has Given Us a Right to Self Defense

Self Defense

The following is the Dharma Nationalist position on gun control, the second amendment and the natural right to self-defense.

While the government is tasked with providing law enforcement services, the individual, family and local community shall always be recognized and respected as the first line of defense against crime. Thus, all citizens shall bear the right to be armed in any manner each citizen deems necessary to defend himself against the criminal element. Individuals and families have the right to organize themselves into local crime watch and protection associations, and to thus assist local law enforcement agencies in their tasks.

Veterans, Join Us!



The Dharma Nation Movement is a modern-day celebration of the ancient warrior spirit. We salute all fallen warriors. We also salute all brave veterans and heroes. If you are a veteran, consider taking your heroism, self-discipline, leadership skills and idealism, and now becoming a Dharma activist. Veterans, help us create a more just and noble world! Veterans, help us fight for freedom! Join the Dharma Nation Movement today!

Media is Propaganda


The Media is Not Reality

The media (t.v., movies, newspapers, magazines, book publishing conglomerates, and all major Internet corporations like Google and Facebook) is the greatest enemy of freedom today.  People are forced to live in a media-constructed version of reality, and not in reality itself.  Reject the shackles of this artificially imposed reality.  Reject the false messages of the controlled media.  Embrace instead the unalterable truth of your own eternal consciousness and of God’s unlimited love. Reality is not the perverse nightmare that the media falsely portrays.  Reality is beautiful.  Reality is good.  God is true reality. 


Dharma Nation Movement
The Third Alternative

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Natural Law is Freedom!

Oppressive Government


The Dharma Nation Movement is an innovative ideology that has rejected the past inadequacies of both the Right and the Left. We call for a government based upon Natural Law. Natural Law is Freedom!