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Media is Propaganda


The Media is Not Reality

The media (t.v., movies, newspapers, magazines, book publishing conglomerates, and all major Internet corporations like Google and Facebook) is the greatest enemy of freedom today.  People are forced to live in a media-constructed version of reality, and not in reality itself.  Reject the shackles of this artificially imposed reality.  Reject the false messages of the controlled media.  Embrace instead the unalterable truth of your own eternal consciousness and of God’s unlimited love. Reality is not the perverse nightmare that the media falsely portrays.  Reality is beautiful.  Reality is good.  God is true reality. 


Dharma Nation Movement
The Third Alternative

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Revolution of Love

Arise Arjuna

Bhakti, or single minded devotional meditation upon Bhagavan (God), has always been, by its very inherent nature, the most powerful and dynamic social force on earth. Bhakti is an unparalleled motivating force that has induced revolutionary and meaningful change throughout world history. It will also serve as the driving spiritual force that will revive and strengthen Dharma well into the 21st Century. The only meaningful revolution is a revolution based on love.”  – Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

Overcome All Adversity

We can overcome the terrible crisis that has been forced upon us by the enemies of Dharma. But to do so, we must access the inner strength and courage that we have within. Dharma teaches us how to overcome all adversity!

Who Has The Truth?

Does the mere fact that there is a diversity of opinion on Truth mean that there consequently is no Truth? Is Truth just a matter of opinion? This powerful video lays these philosophical questions to rest once and for all.

Against Communism & Capitalism

Communism and Capitalism

Natural Law offers the logical alternative to both

Communism and Capitalism.

Natural Law is Freedom!

Oppressive Government


The Dharma Nation Movement is an innovative ideology that has rejected the past inadequacies of both the Right and the Left. We call for a government based upon Natural Law. Natural Law is Freedom!

Jaya Hanuman!

Jaya Hanuman

Sri Hanuman shows us that we can be both spiritual and strong. Both compassionate and a fighter for truth. One does not negate the other. Sanatana Dharma is a spiritual-warrior tradition.