Striving for Good Association

The principle of seeking good association and avoiding bad association is considered to be of tremendous importance in the Vedic scriptures for those who are truly sincere about making spiritual progress. Sri Acharyaji has taught us over the years that “We become like those with whom we associate.” In this week’s livestream, Sri Acharyaji deeply elaborates upon this important practice of choosing our association.

“Simply by detachment from the association of worldly people, and by associating with exalted devotees, anyone can attain perfection of knowledge and with the sword of knowledge can cut to pieces the illusory associations within this material world. Through the association of devotees, one can engage in the service of the Lord by hearing and reciting. Thus one can revive his dormant God consciousness and, sticking to the cultivation of God consciousness, return home, back to Godhead, even in this life.” (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 5.12.16)

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