The God of Patanjali

One of the most important philosophers of the Yoga school in history is Patanjali, the author of the famous Yoga Sutras. Though hidden in plain sight for anyone who chooses to read this sacred text, many contemporary Yoga fans remain unnecessarily confused about what exactly Patanjali taught about the ultimate nature of God. In this livestream event, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya relieves us of this confusion by conclusively presenting Patanjali’s teachings on God and divine ontology.

“Or else, one can achieve samadhi through the process of devotion to the Supreme Lord.” (Yoga Sutras, 1.23)

“The Supreme Lord is a special and distinct Self (purusha) Who is unaffected by actions, the fruits of actions, or the latent impressions that cause such actions.” (Yoga Sutras, 1.24)

“The seed of omniscience in the Supreme Lord cannot be surpassed.” (Yoga Sutras, 1.25)

“That Supreme Lord is the original guru of all previous gurus because He is not conditioned by time.” (Yoga Sutras, 1.26)

“He is designated by the syllable AUM (pranava).” (Yoga Sutras, 1.27)

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