The Divine Ontology of Shakti-Shaktiman

The very highest understanding of the nature of God is understood through the Vedic concept of Sriman Narayana, also known technically as the metaphysical principle of Shakti-Shaktiman. In this very special livestream event, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya explains the divine ontology of Shakti-Shaktiman in the clear and comprehensive way that only he can.

“[Sri Lakshmi said:] Brahman is Narayana, the single, pure and flawless one, devoid of any disturbance, undefinable, without vibration, matchless, unqualified, integral, undifferentiated and changeless. All things contained in this world that are cognized, mentioned in the scriptures, or inferred, all that can be apprehended (directly or indirectly) through the three instruments of knowledge, whether of a positive or a negative nature, whether moveable or immoveable, subtle or gross, sentient or insentient, all these consist of Brahman, of Narayana, second to none. (Brahman) is bliss without nescience, pure, absolute and concentrated consciousness consisting of both the existent (reality) and its state of existence; the divine and ultimate goal of the (spiritual) way. It (Brahman) differentiates (itself) in two ways, both as possessor of Shakti and as the Shakti herself.” (Lakshmi Tantra, 8.4-8)

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