Take Control of Your Destiny

Whether you aspire to be a spiritual practitioner or a successful person materially…to become a sage, or a leader or a king, the only way that you can achieve your goal is by never giving up! In this very special talk, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya comments on an inspiring verse from the epic Mahabharata and he teaches us how to take control of our destiny!

“O my son Yudhishthira, you should always exert yourself with diligence, for without diligence of exertion mere destiny never accomplishes the objects cherished by kings. These two – exertion and destiny – are equal in their operation. Of them, however, I regard exertion to be superior, for destiny is ascertained from the results of what is begun with exertion. Do not indulge in grief if what is commenced ends disastrously, for you should then exert yourself in the same act with redoubled attention. This is the high duty of kings.” (Mahabharata, Book 12; Shanti Parva; Rajadharma-anushasana Parva; 56)

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