The Way of the Dharma Warrior

Sanatana Dharma is a religious tradition that celebrates the spirit of the righteous warrior. Such a true warrior is termed a kshatriya in Sanskrit, or a Dharma Warrior. The ruler of the nation must exhibit all of the characteristics of a Dharma Warrior if he is to be accepted as a legitimate ruler.

In 2014, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya delivered a talk that ended up becoming a very widely watched and influential video titled “The Dharma Warrior” (watch it here On Monday‚Äôs livestream, Sri Acharyaji will follow up on this well-known video by speaking about the way of the Dharma Warrior.

“Those among kshatriya (Dharma warrior) rulers who perform great sacrifices, who are possessed of a knowledge of the Vedas, and who gain victories in battle, become foremost of those that acquire many blessed heavenly regions hereafter by their merit. Persons conversant with the Vedic scriptures do not applaud that kshatriya who returns unwounded from battle. This has been declared to be the conduct of a wretched kshatriya. There is no higher duty for the kshatriya than defeating corrupt people.” (Mahabharata, Raja-dharma-anushasana Parva, 60)

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