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We the People

The People are Coming A movement has now been born the sole purpose of which is to reclaim the promise our nation once held. We will restore a government that truly reflects the will of the people, and not the malevolent will of the hopelessly corrupt class of career politicians who have held our nation hostage for generations. This new reason for hope is called the Dharma Nation Movement. Without violence, without drama, without fanfare, without delay, we will transform our nation and our world for the better. Be a part of this coming transformation. Be a part of history in the making. Help us. Join the Dharma Nation Movement today. Use the “Contact Us” feature on the menu to learn how.

If you are Dharma Nation activist, you can know that you are a member of a movement that is destined to transform the world in such a manner that no malevolent force or person can ever hope to block. We will awaken our people. We will restore the nation. We the people are coming. And we are unstoppable!!